Feedback and feeling in UoM——学生马耳他交流



Dear Dr. Roberta Sammut,

It is our great honor to study in Department of nursing, University of Malta as visiting students. The study here is a splendid experience and it is a lifetime memory. We choose dementia as our visiting programme since the prevalence of dementia in China is very popular and it is highly related to our postgraduate study in our home university. The whole visiting programme contains 300-hour placements in the hospital and three courses in university. We have learnt a lot.

Firstly, the practice part is impressive. Altogether we have joined in three hospitals for our placements including Rehabilitation Hospital Karin Grech, St Vincent de Paul Long Term Care Facility and Hilltop Gardens. We stayed in RHKG for seven weeks. What impresses me most is the multidisciplinary team approach with using Inter Professional Clinical Documentation. Treatment for the elderly is different from others. With the multidisciplinary team approach they can work more efficiently. Team members can talk with each other to provide a better treatment for patients. Plans and goals are clearly identified in a care plan and documented, when implemented, it enables all team members to continue along the same treatment of care. Clear, complete and accurate documentation can facilitate the evaluation of the patients’ progress towards expected outcomes. Multidisciplinary team approach is known in China but we have very few practice. We can promote this approach to treat the elderly in China. Placements in SVP long term care facility are very nice. Ms Rebecca Galea is a great mentor in JP1, a specialized dementia ward. She teaches us a lot about dementia types, symptoms, BPSD, and how to use The Environment Audit Tool. We really appreciate it.


Secondly, we want to express our deep gratitude for our lecturers here in UoM. They deliver not only knowledge, but also the methodology to us which have expanded our horizon. Their academic attitude really sets a role model for us: Prof. Charles Scerri, he seems to have instilled a magic in his lectures, we are so attracted with his lectures that we always want to stay longer in his class. He inspired us a lot to be open minded and imaginative.  Dr. Stephen Abela, he is very patient and kind, he always tries to make sure we can follow his lessons. I admired his focus on person centered care for patients with dementia. Dr. Christian Borg Xuereb, he is just like our friends, his class is very active, we had a lot of interesting topics discussed in his lecture, me and Daisy enjoyed a lot and we definitely will share all these valuable experiences and all these good practice of UoM with classmates and teachers in our home university.

      What’s more, I like Malta very much because of the people here and working environment. They respect and help with each other. Our mentors, teachers and lecturers are very kind and help students a lot no matter where you come from. Relationship between staffs and patients are very good not like China. If I work in such an environment, I will feel happy.

Though Malta is not a very big country, it is a very good place to study, work and live. Thanks again for everything.


Best regards,