Feedback for the experience in Malta



Feedback for the experience in Malta

It was my very pleasure to participate this exchange program between University of Malta and Soochow University. It’s my honor to be one of the visiting students in the University of Malta. To be honest, this experience is the most valuable treasure of my whole life.

At the fist, language was the biggest problem I had met. Since we only speak Chinese in China, although we learn English from primary school, we still lack training our speaking and communication. However, as time goes on, I improved a lot of my speaking and conversation.


We have two units of clinical practice of elderly care and three units of theoretical knowledge of dementia. During the 300 hours of clinical practice, I noticed that the public medical care is free of charge for all the Maltese people which is a great government policy. Because we have to pay for the medical care at hospital in China and we can get only 50% refund later expect the medicines out of the medical insurance.

Fortunately, we met a lot of nice mentors in Karin Grech and St. Vincent Dei Paul Residence. We spent 7 weeks at Karin Grech, 5 weeks in Rehabilitation Ward 3 and 2 weeks at Day Hospital. It was a very good chance to experience how to do the elderly care in Malta and we learned a lot from our daily mentors in RW3 such as giving treatment, doing wound care, washing patients and so on. Since we met lots of differences between Malta and China, we wrote all the differences in our workbook. After finishing the placement in Karin Grech, we also spent several weeks in St. Vincent Dei Paul Residence on experiencing taking care of persons with dementia. Our mentor Rebecca helped us a lot no matter our practice or our daily living. At the first, I didn’t know how to take care of patients with dementia, because they would forget to take the medicine I gave them, they would have orientation problems such as forgetting where are their beds I already told them before. Our mentor taught us how to talk with patients with dementia, how to give treatment and how to comfort them. Actually, it’s a hard work to make “person-centre-care ” from theory into reality. As one of the medical workers, we have to keep the concept in our mind that: “Always the person comes first, and then the dementia.”

We only spent two days in the “5 star hotel”——Hill Top Gardens after finishing the placement in St. Vincent Dei Paul. Hill Top Garden is a beautiful and safe place that suitable for the elderly to live in, because there are enough staff in the Hill Top Garden such as doctors, nurses, carers who are going to take care of the clients on each floor. However, it’s not free of charge, everyone wants to live in Hill Top Garden has to pay. As far as I’m concerned, the services there are worth the payment, because all the staff are professional and have been trained before they work in the Hill Top Garden and all the equipments there are advanced.


Those 3 units of theoretical knowledge of dementia started on September. We spent a very good time with our classmates and our lecturers. They are all very kind and lovely people who helped us both in study and living. From the three units of theoretical knowledge of dementia, I understanding the definition of dementia, different primary causes of dementia, difference risk factors and protect factors that I hadn’t learned it deeply. Our three lecturers are very kind. Dr Stephen Abela is also one of the consultants in Karin Grech in RW3 who taught us “GER5106: COMMUNITY AND RESIDENTIAL SERVICES FOR DEMENTIA CARE” He’s nice and helpful, always sending us e-mails to help the problems we met. For example, we wanted to apply the international exchange scholarship in our home university and he helped us for sending us his curriculum vitae (CV). Dr Christian Borg Xuereb is a very lovely lecturer I’ve never met. He is cute and kind. We had a very interesting time in his class. Prof Charles Scerri is strict but kind, whenever we had difficulties on study, we can ask for help by sending e-mails to him. In one word, we enjoyed a lot about the lectures with our classmates together.


I really enjoyed spending time in Malta that the Island has so much beautiful scenery. We’ve been to Gozo and Comino Islands. They are very beautiful, since I’d never seen sea before I went to Malta. It was a very big surprise to me to see such pretty scenery of sea and enjoyed swimming in the sea.


I would like to thank our sponsor dear Ms Vivian, and Mr Arrigo Hugh for giving this chance to us to study abroad. We appreciate a lot and cherish a lot this very important chance. Thanks for all the nice people we met in Malta like our classmates, our mentors in different hospitals, our lecturers, our different nationalities’ friends here. Thanks for Dr Maria Cassar, Dr Anthony Scerri Dean Roberta and Mr. Chen who helped our study, solving our living problems and taking very good care of us! I think we are very lucky people to meet so many nice persons.

All the moment I lived in Malta are very lovely memories during my life. I’ll never forget those nice people I met, those amazing scenery I saw, those interesting things I learned!